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1. What types of services does Vega IT provide?

Product Software Development, Bespoke Software Development, Software development Outsourcing, Website development (Umbraco, Sitecore, Episerver, Drupal, Magento), Front-end development and Mobile App development.

3. Are developers going to be available when I urgently need support?

We provide support to several clients based on different SLAs. If you need a developer available when in urgent need, an SLA with short response time will make sure you get the right help on time.

4. Are developers going to bamboozle me with geek talk when I request an explanation of work performed or needed?

Our colleagues will do their best to give explanations in non-tech language. It might still happen that they sometimes start to mumble in tech lingo, after all, it is their first language ;-) but they won't mind if you interrupt them and ask for clear non-tech English :-)

5. What does "happiness as the main drive for your organization" mean?

Happy employees will serve customers better and happy customers drive growth and profitability. Read more about Happiness at work.

6. Which are the markets in which you perform your business?

We have cooperation with companies from the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, United States of America, the United Arab Emirates and we are actively present in the Nordics as of 2018, but we look forward to working with companies from all countries.

You can send us a quick message from wherever you are, through the contact form on our website and let's talk to see how Vega IT can help you 

7. Which pricing models do you use?

We usually work on a “dedicated team” basis but we are also fine with “time and material” and “fixed price” models when the scope of work is well known in advance.

8. What else can Vega IT help you with?

The main service provided by Vega IT is Software product development, mostly using Microsoft technologies. We have also co-founded four more companies: SmartCat (Analytics and Data Science company), BrightMarbles (Software Development for startups, Java and C++), Bee IT (Mobile Applications Development, PHP, Drupal and Magento) and Elder (Branding and UI design) so we are able to provide these services to you as well.

9. Can we visit your company?

Vega IT Nordic is opening the doors of it’s Copenhagen and Reykjavik offices to all people part of the IT or business world. To come visit us, please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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