Generic Software Development

If you are an owner of a stand-alone system and you have a pool of clients using your core product, we can develop your software either from scratch or help you make further improvements to it.

We are very passionate about creating quality software products, which is our main focus and the largest part of what we do. Think about generic, maintainable, scalable and extensible software, designed and developed with room for future growth in any direction.

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Bespoke Software Development

If you require a customized in-house software product, we can develop it for you from scratch or make improvements to an existing system. We will spend the necessary time to learn the type of business you conduct and develop a product that meets your exact requirements.

To help you get what your business needs, we think beyond a simple statement of requirements. We use our experience, technical expertise, innovation and creativity to deliver the right functionality at the right time.

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Website Development

Website development covers everything from a brochure website build based on CMS, through an e-commerce solution and all the way to custom built portals aimed at providing support for your business.

At Vega IT, we have partnered with a number of leading CMS and E-commerce vendors to bring cost effective and secure solutions to our clients.

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Mobile Apps Development


Accounting for more than 75 billion downloads of their 1.3 million plus applications, Apple's iOS leads the market in mobile web data consumption.

Vega IT delivers customized mobile applications for today's in-touch iPhone and iPad consumer. User driven stand-alone apps, or more focused apps that serve to function with or operate complex and extensive systems.


With over a million activations daily, Google's Android dominates the smartphone world market.

Approved by the United States Pentagon for secure use by its personnel, and renowned for its open-source development platform, Android is a brand to be trusted when choosing an operating system to support your mobile application.

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Salesforce is the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform.

Salesforce, that started only as CRM, has grown into a huge platform which nowadays offers much more than just basic CRM possibilities. It is a cloud-based solution accessible from any device connected to the internet which makes it easy for you to customize it to the extent that your business model requires. It can be integrated with an already existing infrastructure and easily used by your employees to access all the data in your system, without understanding or writing a single line of code.

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Research and Development

In Vega IT, we look at research and development as a planned yet creative work in the field of technical software development, aimed at acquiring new knowledge and/or developing new (or significantly improved) services.

We know that investing in R&D can be expensive and a long term commitment, and that it is often more profitable to hire experienced R&D team to outsource this kind of challenges. Vega IT can help you with that.

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Java for Android

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