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Sitecore - The Best .NET Content Management System

Sitecore is a global software company that creates products to deliver the most relevant experience and content to customers at any moment of interaction and via any communications channel - the web, email, mobile, social and offline.

Sitecore's customer experience management platform combines proven web content management with customer intelligence to create a single view of a customer that drives meaningful interactions, increases conversions and builds lifetime customers.

Global brands, including American Express, Carnival Cruise Lines, easyJet, Heineken, LEGO, Microsoft and Nestle rely on Sitecore to get and keep loyal customers who engage more and drive revenue growth.

Built for the Enterprise

Sitecore was built for the Enterprise and it allows you to easily deploy, manage, integrate, and secure your websites with enterprise-class capabilities designed for supporting even the most demanding organizations:

- Manage your site efficiently with strong, customizable workflow processes for versioning, approvals, incremental publishing, notifications, and archiving.
- Connect to any database, web service, or system with pre-built connectors, data abstraction layers and out-of-the-box integration capabilities.
- Choose the deployment model that best suits your organization's needs, whether that's a traditional server environment or cloud computing.
- Control access by role, user, and group, and secure content down to the component and element levels with Sitecore's granular security capabilities.

Sitecore development

Personalization and Relevance

Drive conversions higher with more relevant content. How much more effective would your website, emails and campaigns be if you could engage with continuously relevant and meaningful content? Marketers know that customers expect personal interaction today, across campaigns, and in ways that demonstrate real understanding.

Even anonymous visitors can be content targeted with GeoIP and pattern-based responses.
As the interaction grows, marketers need to surface content specific to a visitor's profile, interests and actions.
More advanced scenarios allow marketers to script multi-visit, multi-channel engagements with their customers, which are transparent but helpful to the visitor.

Search Engine Optimization

Ever wish you could see your site as the search engines see it? Now you can with the Sitecore Search Engine Optimization (SEO) module that lets you:

View and optimize your site from the search engine perspective to increase organic search rankings.
Improve site rankings instantly with Google-friendly URLs.
Lead visitors directly to the information they want with built-in, powerful site search functionality.
Analyze and optimize content before you even publish it using Sitecore's SEO Optimization Toolkit.

Community & Social Media

Drop the monologue and start conversing with your visitors. With Sitecore, you can:

- Connect with customers at every stage of the lifecycle using built-in functionality for blogs, wikis, forums, polls, surveys, web forms, and more.
- Integrate leading social media platforms such as YetAnotherForum and Telligent.
- Gain visibility for your brand with social sharing controls as well as automated social site user authentication and integrations to Twitter, Facebook and more.

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