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Umbraco is the perfect open source Content Management System for those wanting to have representative corporate websites while being able to manage them easily.

Umbraco is not limited to the size or industry in which a certain company is doing business. We build Umbraco powered websites for companies in the gas industry, agricultural, fashion industry, media and many other industries. If your website wishlist includes hassle-free customization, a user-friendly interface and great customer support we are glad to inform you that your search is done here - Umbraco is a perfect match for your website needs.

Vega IT - the first and only Certified Umbraco CMS Partner in the Eastern European region.

We have worked with Umbraco CMS for years, from Umbraco version 4.0.1. to the latest Umbraco versions. In the past few years our team of more than 40 Umbraco developers has successfully delivered more than 300 Umbraco projects. In the past 12 months only, the number of implemented projects was greater than 50. During this period, our team was working on website development projects, mostly for the UK market.

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5 Reasons You Should Consider hiring Vega IT’s Umbraco Developers For Your Next Website Project

1. Umbraco is open source, meaning it is a free CMS

Say goodbye to expensive licensing. Umbraco is a free CMS and will always be. One of the best things beside this is that, even though it is free, its quality and abilities are not limited. It works like any other CMS. Anyone can access Umbraco’s source code in any way without licensing or copyright requirements. This means you can’t be limited to what’s available from the product (every developer’s dream). It also means no financial overheads or lock-in, and a lot of flexibility and freedom for creativity.

2. Fast time to market

Building in-house software competence is time-consuming, expensive and, in most cases and for most companies, it’s not their core business. With our 40 skilled Umbraco developers involved at every stage of the project, you can be sure that your website will be developed on time, with high quality at the best price you can get.

3. Powerful editing capabilities - easy manageable, flexible

Umbraco’s editing tools are highly intuitive. Media management, responsive views, and approval workflows make for a seamless site management experience whether you are editing it from tablet, mobile or computer. File management, easy drag-drop media insertion, and responsive cropping make any site editor into a designer. Umbraco can be easily integrated with any 3rd party service using fully extensible API. Lots of packages already exist for these integrations. Umbraco’s multilingual capabilities make it a breeze to duplicate websites in multiple languages and it also poses a great search and indexing service.

4. Freedom in design

Designers have full control over markup to make your website look exactly as you like, with no Umbraco specific knowledge needed. It’s easy for our Umbraco Developers to incorporate 3rd party HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

5. Support

One of the biggest benefits of using Umbraco is that the community is incredibly pro-active, extremely friendly and helpful.

The number of Umbraco powered websites that are live and in use in June 2017 is 409.219. Contact us and find out how your website can be one of them.

Use case

Digital agencies/ UK

Vega IT is currently working with several agencies that either have an internal development team or not. We help them from pre-sales through implementation to maintenance. The process includes signing an NDA Contract, checking the requirements and sending our offer. Once our offer is accepted, we form a team at a nearshore/offshore location and commence with work. Some of the projects we have worked on so far include Corporate Websites, Annual Reports, Ecommerce Solutions, Events sites etc.



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